Helping Our Students Continue to Learn During the COVID-19 Pandemic


As with all Schools for Children programs and schools, the health and safety of Dearborn Academy students, caregivers and staff are of the utmost importance. Therefore, there will be no school through May 4, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are working to help students maintain their academic skills during this school closure with online learning opportunities. We are also helping students maintain their social and emotional health and connection to Dearborn.


For example, our clinicians are reaching out on a weekly basis to each family individually to offer support and maintain relationships. Families have been encouraged to use the Dearborn Family Contact list to connect their students to one another primarily through telephone and social media contact. Clinicians are also available during this time to offer ideas for who/how the students with whom they work can stay connected while school is out.


Dearborn families have been invited to reach out to their student’s clinician for additional resources or ideas on how to help maintain students' skills and/or fill the time with fun things to do while school is closed. Understanding that each family's needs and hopes for guidance regarding academic and fun activities are different, the school is working hard to personalize each recommendation.


We are exploring additional ways to stay connected as a community during this time and are in frequent communication with students’ families.

For ideas on how to talk to your student about COVID-19, visit our sister website: Schools for Children.