Support Center

The Dearborn Difference


As a part of the Dearborn community, students and families are supported through challenges and celebrated for achievements. We are all in this together. We truly care about each student’s future. We recognize every student’s potential, and we strive to help them embrace who they are as people and as learners. We are as committed to each student’s social and emotional health as we are to their academic success.


  • Students learn agency over who they are and how they learn. We help them understand why they struggle and aim to help them develop as complete, capable, confident, hopeful and happy human beings.

  • All students need a healthy environment for learning. We know that this can look different for every student, so we have many different ways to help students learn and practice important skills.

  • Because every student begins their Dearborn experience at a different level, we have specialized instruction to help students get back on track. Being “behind” isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a different starting point.

  • We are always looking forward. We see the possibilities and help our students see them, too. With the support of a dedicated team of teachers, counselors, therapists and clinicians, we collaborate with families and districts to create a road map with achievable goals. Then we move toward them together.

  • College admissions and career planning is a critical part of our high school program. A successful experience here includes having a plan for what’s next. At graduation, every student has a plan.

  • One of the pillars of our community is respect and it supports everything we do. Everyone deserves to be respected and have the freedom to explore emotions and behavior without fear of judgement.

  • Another pillar is kindness. And compassion. And love. Our small size supports the building of deep, trusting relationships. students know we care because we do. When they express gratitude, it is deep and genuine because they have been through so much. When they get here they show up and try because it’s worth it.

  • Communication is essential for establishing trust, keeping parents informed, and creating a partnership between family and school that supports each student’s journey. Families will hear from us on good days as well as hard ones. We initiate frequent contact to ensure a thorough and balanced understanding of each student’s experience and progress.