Everest Program

The Everest Program is a college coaching program of Dearborn Academy created to support students who have graduated from high school and are enrolling or enrolled in a college program. Everest was developed with the expertise of Dearborn Academy staff in order to help students have a fulfilling and successful collegial experience. 


As leaders in special education and social-emotional learning, we understand the complexities and nuances of student profiles and uniquely approach each student to teach to skill gaps, build confidence and achieve lofty goals. 


Everest employs an expert team of college coaches who focus on supporting college students’ executive function, transition skills, advocacy and clinical needs. College coaches provide direct instruction, thoughtful and consistent communication, and family collaboration. With Everest, students are given the scaffolding for a seamless transition to college and beyond. 


Through Everest, students become the masters of their learning, exceeding expectations and graduating with the skills to excel in their future careers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who do we serve?

  • Students with mild to moderate learning disabilities

  • Students with executive function needs

  • Students with anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, ADD, PANS/PANDAS and other neuroimmune disorders

  • Students who want additional supports for their academics and mental health 


What support can I expect from Everest? 

  • A comprehensive intake process so our coaches have the best understanding of a student’s profile, needs and goals

  • An assigned college coach and clinician who will meet regularly with the student to oversee success, support advocacy, and teach executive functioning and advocacy skills

  • Wraparound supports for students entering or in college to help navigate transitional periods (e.g., high school to college, college to career)

  • Consistent communication between the college coach, caregivers, the student and the outside support team


I’m interested! Who should I contact?

To learn more about Everest and inquire about pricing, please contact:


Dayna Mann

781.641.5992 ext. 3043


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Everest is an independent program of Dearborn Academy. Enrollment and intake into the program is separate from Dearborn Academy.