Elementary and Middle School

Achieving Success


Elementary students recommend Dearborn Academy.

Our elementary team: Why our community is special.


Students discuss their favorite memories and classes.

The Dearborn Academy Elementary/Middle School Program classes are brimming with learning, connection and joy. We believe that all students deserve to feel seen and understood. With a small class size of eight students, each child in the elementary/middle school is given space to spark new or existing interests and build on their strengths to create a positive school experience. 


Our elementary/middle school staff is here to help students find success. We work hard to identify the barriers in the way of each student’s learning.  We also do our best to make sure every child receives the care and support they need.


Our goal is to help every student in our care regain their confidence, overcome their learning and/or social and emotional challenges, and be able to move to a less restrictive setting whenever possible.


No one at Dearborn falls through the cracks. Instead, we value teaching and caring for each child as an individual, and we help each student grow.


Our elementary/middle school program is approved to serve students in Grades 3-8. With care and expertise, we work together to help each child achieve success.