At Dearborn Academy, we ensure that every student who visits our school for a tour and/or interview leaves feeling hopeful about their future. We always tell students that no matter what school they choose to attend, it should help them feel great about being a student. 


In our opinion, it is a basic right of all students to feel capable, valued and proud at school. It is the adults’ job to make sure that this happens.


At Dearborn, that process starts from the very first phone call or email. We take time to explain the admissions process and listen carefully to students’ caregivers and team members so that we understand what the barriers have been to creating those experiences thus far.


We know that students and families are, in part, considering enrollment at Dearborn Academy because school has not been a place where they feel confident, It is our job to start to change that.


Get in touch with us to learn more about our admissions process. We promise to take great care of you.


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Julie Manning
Admissions Coordinator