Who We Are

Every day Dearborn Academy educators and clinicians dedicate themselves to helping students experience the transformative power of education. We are a caring community that supports each student in their* uniquely personal journeys toward positive change.


While at Dearborn, our students strengthen their academic, social and emotional skills. And we help them apply those new-found skills in broader contexts, preparing them for post-Dearborn success whether they choose college, a career or both.  


At Dearborn, we help students know that the future holds myriad possibilities for them, because we know that it does. Working with students, families, school districts and other outside team members, we set high bars and achievable individual goals for students. Together, we celebrate each goal achieved along the way as the student becomes a confident learner. 


We Are a Massachusetts 766-Approved School.


We are one of New England’s leading state-approved therapeutic day schools for students with learning, emotional and social challenges. With a unique and comprehensive blend of educational, therapeutic as well as emotional instruction and support, we exist to create a distinct pathway to success for every student.


When a student arrives at Dearborn they have a demonstrated need for a more individualized educational experience than traditional settings can provide. Oftentimes, they have struggled academically – not because they lack intellectual capacity, but because their previous school has lacked the resources to meet their specific learning needs. In fact, with the right supports and specialized instruction, all Dearborn students can graduate from high school and attend college.


When they are respected, validated and supported in the right environment, Dearborn students can discover confidence in their abilities and agency over their learning.

As students come to understand their unique learning style and surpass their own expectations, they build trust in their own ability to succeed. Dearborn students learn to self-advocate, self-regulate and find joy in learning.


* Committed to welcoming all students and staff, including those who do not identify as gender binary, Dearborn’s written communications use the pronouns they, their, them to refer to members of our community.

Dearborn At A Glance


Dearborn Academy is a private therapeutic day school serving students in Grades 3-12. The students who come to us from communities and school districts across Massachusetts have learning difficulties, including nonverbal, language-based, attentional and reading disabilities, and emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression or other mood disorders.


Accreditations and Memberships

Approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE). Member of Massachusetts Association of Chapter 766 Approved Private Schools (MAAPS).


Staff/Pupil Ratio

Elementary/Middle School 8:1:1, High School 12:1:1


Populations Served

Anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, executive function disorder, depressive disorder, dyslexia, emotional disability, learning disability and mood disorder.



Our core curriculum is modified and individualized for all students and is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. In addition, we have highly successful reading, speech and language programs, and we use the Wilson Reading System to teach emergent readers and students with language-based learning disabilities. All students take Spanish as part of a foreign-language requirement.


Social-Emotional Learning

Dearborn Academy provides an integrated social-emotional academic curriculum within a therapeutic milieu; comprehensive clinical services; explicit instruction teaching coping and social skills; and clinicians embedded in classrooms.



Our skilled teachers, learning specialists, speech and language pathologists and reading specialists, social workers, mental health counselors, and occupational therapists hold advanced degrees and certifications. Our onsite psychiatrist provides psycho-pharmacological assessment and treatment. The team approach supports each studentʼs personal, academic and IEP goals. 



Small structured classes designed to support individual needs. Maximum class size of eight in the Elementary/Middle School, 12 in the High School. One-on-one instruction and support when needed. Overall student:staff ratio in the classroom of 4:1.



MCAS preparation in all grades; 100% of seniors meet the MCAS high school graduation requirement.


Shop, Music and Arts

Music, shop and fine arts classes with state-of-the-art equipment and teaching. Classes include woodworking, metalwork and jewelry making.


Physical Education

Includes instructional, recreational and outdoor adventure opportunities. Additional interscholastic program for high school students.


College Guidance

College prep and support for students seeking higher education. Support for all aspects of the college admissions process. Dearborn students have gone on to attend a wide range of two- and four-year colleges. 


Career preparation

Comprehensive Career Services program, including volunteer and paying job search workshops, job shadowing and internships.


Summer programs

Six-week, adventure-based program.


School Day

Dearborn Academy’s school day is from 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with an early release day of 12:45 p.m. each Wednesday. Our school year is 180 days and follows typical public school recesses.


Meals Program

Every day Dearborn provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch for our students. Students choose the main meal or can select from a menu of alternate options. Individual needs regarding allergies or health issues are accommodated.