Rebecca Altepeter, Dearborn Head of School
Rebecca Altepeter, Head of School

There are a variety of reasons why you might be visiting Dearborn Academy’s website. 


  • Perhaps you are a caregiver watching your student struggle in their current school and feeling the daily impact on their self esteem and on your entire family. 

  • Maybe you are a student considering whether you’d fit in at Dearborn. 

  • Maybe you’re a school district representative or advocate searching for an out of district school that can meet your student’s needs.


Whatever your role or reasons for landing on our site, I want to welcome you!


Arriving at the choice to consider a private school is as individual as each student who attends an out of district school. However, there are things that each student and member of their team have in common with everyone else making the same decision.


The student has not received the kind of supports they need to achieve their goals. Every student in every school faces challenges. That’s what school is for! However, some students receive the right kind of instruction in the right kind of environment to succeed in overcoming those challenges in a public school. But, public schools are not supposed to meet the needs of everyone, which is why private schools were created. 


Unlike public schools, at Dearborn Academy we get the opportunity to select which students we can help. We consider each referral carefully, and only accept students whose needs and goals we can support. It is important to us that after the arduous journey that led up to you considering Dearborn you feel welcomed, safe and excited (even if nervous!) to visit our school and see what possibilities lie ahead. If you think you can see yourself, or your student, in what we’ve shared with you, I hope that you will reach out to us to learn more. 


I look forward to hearing from you,

Rebecca Altepeter
Head of School