A Premiere Therapeutic Day School

Serving Grades 3–12

With a Rigorous Academic Program

Supporting Social-Emotional Development

For College and Career

At Dearborn Academy, our students experience what it means to feel seen and valued for who they are. They take the lead role in determining their future, knowing that they will receive consistent and expert help to achieve their dreams.

A Warm, Caring Environment

At Dearborn Academy, we understand students’ needs — academic and emotional — and we respect the individuality of each.

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Staff in Dearborn Academy’s Elementary/ Middle School are expert in helping younger students (Grades 3-8) achieve success.

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The Dearborn Academy High School stresses the importance of respect and developing caring relationships between staff and students.

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Dearborn Academy is currently accepting referrals for the 2021-2022 School Year.


We look forward to hearing from you.


“You’ll never know the comfort I have had over the past two years, knowing that the place where my son spends the majority of his day is an environment which promotes the same moral attitudes I work so hard on at home.”

“We have dealt with 10+ years of school-related anxiety and stress (crying at drop off, refusing to go into school, perseverating on her day and “mistakes” all afternoon/night), but now… our daughter comes home from school laughing about all the fun she had in classes/with peers and wakes up excited.”


“My child graduated from Dearborn Academy in 2019 … In his last school he was afraid to return there because of daily bullying and ridicule by other classroom students. Dearborn provided a safe place, with appropriate mental health and learning/teaching experts. The report card started to look good, he passed MCAS, he wanted to go to school, he wanted to learn new things.”


Life Is a Gift:
Graduation 2021 Student Speech

By John Hegarty   Good evening and hello Class of 2021! I have been at Dearborn [Academy] since I was in 8th grade. Before I came to Dearborn I was …

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A Renewed Focus: Embracing Students’
Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Differences

Dearborn Academy staff, students and caregivers have intensified their efforts to create an environment and curriculum that embrace students’ gender identity and sexual orientation differences.   In the short video …

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Dearborn Academy Principal Sheilah Gauch Recognized as a 2021 Commonwealth Heroine

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women (MCSW) has selected Dearborn Academy Principal Sheilah Gauch of Melrose as a member of the Commonwealth Heroine Class of 2021. Sheilah, nominated …

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Student Reflections:
Resilience in the Face of COVID

When asked what she, her staff and students learned about resilience during this difficult year, Head of School Rebecca Altepeter decided that the authentic voice of Dearborn students would provide …

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Learn About PANS/PANDAS from Our Webinar Video

Speakers Margaret (Peggy) Chapman, CNS-BC, medical advisor, NEPANS Melissa Glynn-Hyman, LICSW, co-vice president, NE PANS/PANDAS; therapist Michelle, parent of children with PANDAS and member of the NE PANS/PANDAS Executive Board …

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