Caregiver Support Now Includes Cariloop

By Rebecca Altepeter, Head of School


At Dearborn Academy our clinicians get to speak with caregivers once a week. This opportunity provides families with information and support, and the clinicians with critical information about students’ skills and needs in the home and community settings. In addition to the weekly calls, caregivers receive Family Newsletters; attend monthly support groups co-led by two Dearborn Academy clinicians; participate in orientation and back-to-school events; volunteer at field trips; attend basketball games; and more supports.
This spring 2022, we began partnering with Cariloop to provide caregivers with individualized coaching and help in addition to, not in lieu of, the support they receive from the Dearborn team. We recognize that times are harder than ever and that most of our caregivers are not just supporting their Dearborn Academy student. They are also providing care for others who deserve and require help for themselves. Cariloop provides our families with a range of support – from sitting on the phone with insurance companies so they don’t have to; helping them complete DMH or other applications; doing the legwork to help them find respite or babysitting services; and more.
We are excited to provide our families with this service at no additional cost to districts, and it is free to our families.