Dearborn Academy offers extensive high-quality clinical services to our students and their families.

Every student in our programs meets individually with a Dearborn therapist at school each week for a individual therapy. Sessions may take the form of a private-office conversation or be activity-based. Counseling sessions give students a chance to talk with a highly skilled child or adolescent psychotherapist about personal issues, peers, family life and fears. High school students often explore issues of independence, personal responsibility, social relationships, self-esteem and preparing for the future. For students who need support with medications or other medical treatments, Dearborn has a psychiatrist providing weekly on-site psychopharmacological assessment, consultation and treatment.

Dearborn students may also participate in group therapy. Groups might talk about relationships, conflict or substance abuse in the family or among peers. Group therapy is a highly effective way to learn to trust others, build a stronger sense of empathy and connection and overcome feelings of shame, isolation and anxiety. We also provide quality family therapy on campus, and, from time to time, group therapy for parents. We embed therapists in our classrooms so that students can work in real time on issues discussed in individualized sessions.