Dearborn Milieu

At Dearborn Academy, teachers and therapists work closely together so students can be fully engaged in the complete range of educational opportunities – from class discussions to club meetings. If students need it, someone is always in the room to help them solve a problem or deal with a challenge or conflict. Our clinicians are imbedded in classrooms to help students use in real time the skills first learned in one-on-one therapy sessions.


Sometimes they will take a walk with a teacher or clinician, spending time in a sensory room bouncing a ball. In each case, our staff is familiar with the student’s needs and can them understand their own behavior, and help implement the most effective resolution strategies.


Knowing that they are supported in all their activities—academic and otherwise—relieves the pressure students feel to conform and helps them rebuild confidence. With the right kind of support through the milieu, students can conceptualize and put into action new strategies for achievement and move forward with a positive outlook.