Growing Up Stressed or Mindful?

According to the American Psychological Association, teenagers are the most stressed group in the United States, juggling myriad responsibilities from holding down their first job to creating a post-high school roadmap. Stress negatively affects teenagers physically and mentally. It not only clouds judgment and higher-level thinking but can compromise the immune system.


At Growing Up Stressed? Or Growing Up Mindful? psychologist and educational consultant Dr. Christopher Willard (PsyD) shared how mindfulness and meditation can improve learning. These practices can be especially beneficial for students with learning and social-emotional challenges.


Dr. Christopher Willard shared what the science tells us about mindfulness and discussed specific meditation techniques that can be used by teens and anyone experiencing stress.

The multi-media presentation by Dr. Willard was part of the Howard Rossman Dearborn Academy Speaker Series  – #DearbornSpeaks.