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Chloe Nelson, a teacher at Dearborn Academy, has been teaching rhyme scheme and imagery to her 5/6 class this past quarter.  The class studied many different styles of poetry, and recently used John Updike as a model to develop Stanzas.  

Below are some of the poems written by the sixth graders. 

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This letter was written to Dr. Howard Rossman, Director of Dearborn Academy, in April of this year. We received permission to share this on our blog. Identifying information has been changed for the privacy of the individuals. 

Dear Dr. Rossman,

I wanted to write and let you know of a Dearborn success story, my son.


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The following is an excerpt of a recent post written by Dr. Robert Brooks, a member of Dearborn's Professional Advisory Council  and honoree at the 65th Dearborn Academy Fund Raiser.  You can read his full post on his website here