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In a 2011 article titled “Why Shop Class Is Still Relevant,” Joe Astroth writes “There are different ways to engage students, and making an object from start to finish is a proven method of making the concepts they learn in school relevant to life. Have we become so focused on cost-cutting that we forgot project-based learning is highly effective?”

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Contributed by Edward Hallowell, M.D.*

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On Friday, May 25 from 9:00-1:30, Dearborn Academy will hold its bi-annual shop sale. The sale offers many different and unique pieces of art in jewelry, metal, wood and paint. 

Don't miss this opportunity to discover some unique and very affordable pieces of hand-crafted jewelry, decorative metal objects and wooden pieces, both artistic and functional.

Come and support Dearborn Academy and the Shop Program.

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Mark Dix hands student award.