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Due to the generosity of donors and those who attended the annual Dearborn Luncheon in November of 2011, Dearborn Academy was able to purchase 10 Pads, 2 SMARTBoards and 10 MacBooks.

The Elementary/Middle and High School each received a SMARTBoard to enhance curriculum with interactive multimedia lessons on history, science, math and language arts.

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Jennifer Uttech and Kristie Reed, administrators at the Howard Center in Burlington Vermont, will be meeting with Howard Rossman, Ph.D., Director of Dearborn Academy on Friday, March 30.

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Contributed by Susan Honora Stowe

“For real?!” exclaimed Tayla Williams. I had just informed her that Artwear, a high-end clothing and jewelry boutique on Mass Ave in Arlington Center, was going to accept her jewelry work on commission! It was hard to believe for the seventeen year old in grade 11, who had picked up her first pair of pliers in the Dearborn Jewelry Studio only 18 months earlier.