Learn About PANS/PANDAS from Our Webinar Video


Margaret (Peggy) Chapman, CNS-BC, medical advisor, NEPANS
Melissa Glynn-Hyman, LICSW, co-vice president, NE PANS/PANDAS; therapist
Michelle, parent of children with PANDAS and member of the NE PANS/PANDAS Executive Board
Melissa McCormack, MD, PhD, FAAP
Sheilah Gauch, LICSW, Ed.M, principal, Dearborn Academy; cofounder, Mass Coalition for PANS/PANDAS Legislation


Mom with child at the doctor.

Dearborn Academy hosted a panel discussion on the little-known but disabling PANS/PANDAS syndromes. The diseases can occur when strep, other infection or environmental factors cause a misdirected immune response resulting in inflammation on a child’s brain. This response, in turn, can trigger the sudden onset of ADHD, OCD, disabling anxiety, a decline in math and reading skills, and more.


While researchers are only beginning to study and understand the PANS/PANDAS syndromes, our panel of experts provided the latest information on causes and treatment.


Watch the webinar video and learn the latest about the symptoms and the treatments.