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Former Dearborn Student Speaks at State House
On Wednesday February 10, maaps, the Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools, sponsored an event at the State House where students and a parent from private 766 schools had an opportunity to speak to legislators about the impact their school's had on their lives. Each of the students and the parent who spoke told the legislators how the schools impacted their growth. They talked about the many struggles they endured prior to entering their school, and the help they were provided by the program and staff at the schools they attended.
Speaking for Dearborn Academy was David Nadile, now 22 years old. David came to Dearborn from the Bedford schools when he was six years. David struggled with his emotions, learning and behavior. Over the years staff worked with David to talk about his feelings and assisted him with his learning. When David was in middle school he returned to his public school because of the improvements he had made, but it didn't work out for him because the program he entered didn't have the kinds of supports he needed. So David returned to Dearborn, and although he continued to struggle, did graduate in 2012. 
Over the years David improved and matured significantly and has become a mature caring young man. He talks about wanting to help other young people access services like he did, and to support the mission of our schools.
David started working as a young teenager, and continues to be responsible and positive. After graduating, David attended Minuteman Technical School and majored in automotive. He is currently working at the Cheesecake Factory in Burlington. David has many skills, including public speaking (as we learned) and we look forward to watching his success. David has also worked at Dearborn Academy Summer Program.

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You can read his full speech here.

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