Family Resources


Looking for help with a school issue? Interested in volunteering? Want to know more about how you can get involved in shaping our school? You've come to the right place!


If you have general questions about your child and/or school, please contact one of the personnel below.
  • School information and calendar:  Robin Davidian
  • Placement, graduation and transitions:  Tanya Linehan
  • Medication or medical concerns: Diane Melia, RN
  • IEP information:  Tanya Linehan
  • Schedules, curriculum or grades: Homeroom teacher or Stefanie Ritzau
  • Social interactions: Homeroom teacher or counselor
  • Emotions or clinical concerns: Counselor
  • Family support services: Counselor
  • Child’s behavior or intervention and behavior/clinical support programs: Counselor
When you have a question, but are not sure who to ask, please email Robin Davidian or call her at 781.641.5992 and they will help direct your call. 

Additional Resources

At Dearborn Academy, we use a team approach for working with all of our students. We believe that parents are vital members of each student’s team. Our staff has expertise in the areas of education, counseling, child development and communication, but you are the best expert on your child. 

We know that raising a child with special education needs can bring extra challenges to family life. We offer support in whatever way fits best for you and your family. Each week teachers send home weekly reports. However, sometimes parents want additional communication. We’re happy to do that, too. Parents may communicate via phone or email with either their child’s teacher or individual counselor as needed. That helps the parents to better understand their child’s functioning and challenges and it enables parents to support and praise their child’s progress. This communication really helps the Dearborn staff, too. Using a parent’s understanding of their child helps us to work more effectively with the student. 
We also offer support to families in times of need through our food pantry, through our winter jacket program, through the Clothing Exchange, through financial support for afterschool programming and other options.  We are also pleased to offer help to families, so please contact your child’s individual counselor to find out more about this type of support from Dearborn.
  • Translators
    Our staff will work with families and school systems to ensure that information and communication are translated for parents if they do not feel comfortable communicating in English.
  • Parent Advisory Council
    Dearborn Academy Parent Advisory Council (PAC) provides an open forum for parents and guardians of our students to share information regarding special education, to be a support and resource to each other and to become more active in the life of the school. If you are interested in being a part of the PAC, we welcome your participation!  
  • Clinical Services
    Dearborn understands the challenges that come with dealing with the issues that your child may present or unresolved family issues and can support families with clinical services.
  • Holiday Clothing Exchange
    Each year the Dearborn Academy conference room is transformed into an upscale boutique. Generous donors fill the room with good quality clothing and formal wear for job and college interviews. Extra items are donated to local charities. If you or your business wishes to make a gift to support this program, we welcome your contributions! Please email us.  

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