Ninety-nine percent of Dearborn Academy High School students pass the MCAS exams and earn their High school diplomas.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System Tests (MCAS)

The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) is a state-mandated test for all public and private school students. Students must pass this exam in order to earn a Competency Determination (CD) and receive a high school diploma. The test covers Language Arts, Mathematics, History, and Science and Technology/Engineering. Students who are not proficient English speakers or who have learning disabilities are not exempt from state testing.


Here at Dearborn, we make MCAS success a priority. We want you to do well on the assessment tests, and we'll help make sure that you’re well prepared. If you've had trouble with tests in the past, or if you have testing anxiety, you can take advantage of our remediation and preparation classes in which you will learn content and test taking strategies. 

We go the extra mile to make sure you’re ready when the test comes. We teach what you need to know in a nurturing, supportive environment.  Over 99 percent of Dearborn students have passed the required tests and gone on to earn a high school diploma and graduate from high school since the inception of these tests in Massachusetts.

Dearborn will also work closely with your IEP team to determine which testing accommodations are appropriate and assess whether an alternative to the test is available to you. To learn more about testing accommodations, please visit this website.

MCAS Schedule


Ninth graders take the Science, Technology, Engineering (STE) test if they have completed a full year of a subject in which a test is offered (such as Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics, or Technology/Engineering).


Tenth graders take English Language Arts, (ELA), Math, STE and U.S. History (pending state funding) tests starting in April.


We offer those students who haven’t already passed the required tests extensive remediation. Re-tests for ELA and Math take place in November and March; a Biology re-test is offered in February, and students may also participate in the STE exam in June.

For more information, visit the state's website.