• Dearborn Academy student

Global warming. Stem cells. Nuclear and alternative energy.

At Dearborn Academy we know that being familiar with scientific principles and understanding the goals of scientific inquiry are extremely important for our students as they plan for the future. It is a major priority in our curriculum, and we often go beyond the Massachusetts Frameworks. Even if our students never take a science course again after graduating from Dearborn Academy, we want to ensure that they have the knowledge they need to think like a scientist.

Science classes are held 4 times a week for 45-minutes. Frequently students participate in labs that provide the opportunity for hands-on learning and field work. Most sciences classes have homework assignments twice a week. Ninth and tenth graders study life sciences, juniors focus on earth science and seniors study physics.
  • Biology

    In Dearborns biology classes we study everything from the smallest genes to vast habitats. Students learn about DNA, create models of cells and take a close look at real animal specimens to understand their physiology. The two-year biology curriculum rotates through plant and animal sciences, anatomy and population dynamics with exploration of topics like stem cells and genetically modified foods
  • Earth Science
    Geology is part of our Earth Science program, along with topics such as meteorology, land use and alternative energy sources. Students develop different methods of inquiry through rock identification labs, controlled field study outdoors and Internet research. Students learn the physical and environmental connections to the world around them, develop areas of expertise, and share their discoveries through oral and visual presentations.
  • Physics

    Physics focuses on forces, motion and energy. So students spend a lot of time out of their seats exploring Newton’s Law of motion in labs and projects. With each activity, our goal is to make the formulas students are learning come to life through observation measurement, and analysis. 

In all of these areas, students have the opportunity to work on some interesting projects. They amy even work on things like a hovercraft.



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