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Where Smaller Can Be Better

Dearborn’s Elementary/Middle School serves up to 45 students in grades one through nine. This allows us to know and engage each student as a very special individual. Small, well staffed classrooms, supported by an array to specialists, create an enticing community of young learners. The sunny classrooms occupying a separate floor in the Academy’s main building are filled with student work and projects. A cozy corner offers opportunities for reading and relaxation. 

Within this community, we understand and believe that a strong foundation in language arts and mathematics is essential for academic success. Dearborn’s specialists work closely with each student to design a unique program that addresses each child's specific learning needs. In addition to strong core academics, Dearborn offers hands-on learning through our woodshop, art classes, and computer technology courses. 

To support the child's emotional growth and sense of well-being, Dearborn’s teachers, therapists and milieu staff put special emphasis on developing effective self-regulation, self-awareness, and social interaction skills. Our on-site clinicians carefully integrate clinical support into all aspects of the academic program. 

At the end of the day, each of our students is best served by becoming a member of our small, tightly-knit community where they are known and appreciated as individuals while working on skills which will support them when they return to their home schools.


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