In an era when students everywhere are accessing information by 'googling', staying in touch with friends using 'Skype' and sharing very personal information on very public sites (e.g. facebook) and in unsafe ways ('texting'), it is clear that we have an important role to play in the way technology is taught at Dearborn.

In the Elementary/Middle School, students use the latest technology to develop basic computing and typing skills.  Using the World Wide Web as a learning tool allows students to easily access a treasure trove of information and ideas as they explore their world. With the help of classroom teachers, our youngest students learn computer programming, digital photography, image editing, music creation and web design. While the skillful use of technology is often the focus; it is through games, in-class discussions and collaborative projects that the students are guided in how to use these tools safely and ethically.

To support student learning, the Elementary/Middle School has two Apple/MAC computer labs and three mobile labs for in-class computing. Classroom teachers regularly bring students to the computer lab or use the mobile labs in their classrooms so students can do lessons in history, language arts, and science. In addition, students have technology class twice a week.  Our technology curriculum is consistent with the Massachusetts Technology Literacy Standards and Expectations.