Elementary & Middle School

Student writing

Achieving Success.

"Be kind," advised the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, "for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

For some students, the battle can be especially hard. It can be a battle against a learning disability or a battle against depression. It can be the struggle to catch up after an accident or illness or just to stay afloat when you feel you are alone or have lost hope.

At Dearborn Academy, our elementary/middle school staff is here to help young children get back on track. We work with kids one-on-one to meet their learning, emotional and behavioral needs. We figure out exactly what's standing in the way of each child's success and do our best to make sure every child receives the care and support he or she needs.

Our goal is to help every student in our care regain their confidence, overcome their learning disabilities or challenges and be able to return to their home schools whenever possible. No one at Dearborn falls through the cracks—instead, our job is to know, teach and care for each child as an individual and to help each child grow.

The Dearborn Academy Elementary/Middle School program is approved to serve students in grades one through nine. With care and expertise, we work together to help each child achieve success. 

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