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Dearborn Academy Annual Benefit

2019 Dearborn Academy Annual Benefit

Thank you to all who joined us -- supporters, families, faculty, alums, educators and local leaders -- at Dearborn Academy's 2019 Annual Benenfit on Thursday, May 2nd. Dearborn Reborn: 70 Years of Innovation in Education brought us together to celebrate the success of Dearborn Academy students. And what a fun evening: from  demonstrations in our state-of-the-art to an inspiring student speech by senior Josh Magner to comedy entertainment and honoring longtime Dearborn supporters, the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association

In 2014, in celebration of its 65th birthday, the format was changed to an evening "gala." 



Howard Rossman Speakers Series

See the full description at the end of the page.

Arts and Crafts Sales

Twice a year, Dearborn Academy's young artists offer a few pieces of their best work -- from unique hand-crafted jewelry to sculpture -- for sale to the general public. For many of our students, the Arts and Crafts Sale provides a special entrée into the world's of work, arts and crafts. This year's Winter Arts and Crafts Sale took place on Thursday, December 20th. Watch this space for the next one! View and/or download the flyer.



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We host many small school and community events throughout the year including a neighborhood barbecue, professional talks and open house events. If you'd like to get notices of events by email, please join our mailing list. Thanks.  

Howard Rossman Speakers Series: 

Slow Brain Processing in a Warp-Drive World

Thu, May 9, 2019

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

Dearborn Academy

Dr. Ellen Braaten 

A quick response is considered an essential skill in today’s rapid-paced world. However, some children feel left behind.

As part of Thinking Differently about Learning Differently, Dr. Ellen Braaten will share how difficulties with processing speed cut across disorders such as learning disabilities and ADHD. She will provide an overview of these issues, including:

  • the biology and neuropsychology of processing speed

  • how it manifests in classrooms and social relationships

  • what families and teachers can do to accommodate and help their students overcome it


Download the flyer 

Ellen Braaten, Ph.D., is co-director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Mass General and an associate professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School.