For Educators

Dearborn Academy welcomes special education professionals Interested in visiting our school and learning more about our programs. Please call us TO schedule a time for your visit.

As a state-approved Chapter 766 program, Dearborn serves students in grades 3 to 12 in two separate programs (Dearborn Elementary/Middle and Dearborn High School). Our program is strong and deep with a mix of educational, clinical and behavioral supports that allow us to meet the needs of students with a fairly broad range of learning and social challenges (read more about our extensive clinical services here).
We are particularly strong in supporting high-ability students who struggle with the following:
  • Language-based and nonverbal learning disabilities
  • Dyslexia, writing or comprehension difficulties
  • Math skills
  • Executive functioning challenges
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Anxiety, social anxiety, depression and mood disorders
  • PTSD

Students From Across The State

Dearborn Academy serves students from dozens of cities, towns and school districts.

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Get To Know Us

Educators and special education professionals are always welcome to visit Dearborn Academy and learn more about our programs. Please email or call us in advance at 781.641.5992 x3028 to arrange a visit.

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