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Notes from Dearborn Academy

Dearborn Annual Event 2017

Annual Benefit

May 19, 2017
575 Washington Street
Newton, MA
6:30 - 10:30 pm

Please join our extended Dearborn community for an exclusive introduction to our new home in Newton, on May 19, 2017. This special occasion will be our first official event hosted in our new facility. We will show off the renovations made over the last six months, use our traditional annual venue to honor two very special friends and a new community partner, and  raise money to help the school launch its first music program.

School faculty and leadership have been working feverishly over the last six months to prepare for our move. Renovations began in February and will be substantially completed in time for our May 19th event. With this move, Dearborn Academy will become much more accessible to many of the school districts in the western suburbs. Ready access to the Mass Turnpike will be a major boon to those bringing students from dozens of towns across the Commonwealth. The school will take advantage of the dramatically expanded space to create a welcoming environment and continue the comprehensive academic and clinical program that students and families have come to expect over the 65+ years Dearborn has been in existence.


Dr. Anthony Bashir and Dr. Jane Holmes Bernstein will be our featured honorees at this year’s event. They have been dedicated members of the Dearborn Professional Advisory Council for many years. They bring far-ranging professional experience with children to our leadership team as it grapples with the many challenges facing today’s Dearborn students. We are pleased to have these distinguished educators with us as Dearborn makes this dramatic transition to its new home. We are also happy to recognize Whole Foods, our new neighbor and supporter, for its ongoing deep commitment to serving its local communities. We look forward to building on this partnership.

Funds for Music Program

Finally, believing in the power of music to enhance student learning and to support overall student functioning, we have decided it is time to launch a dedicated music program at the school. We want to support students interested in forming and learning to play in bands, to find ways to help students use music to maintain their own emotional balance, and to develop and improve instrumental and vocal skills. Our new building has an auditorium with a stage for performances along with space for a dedicated music room. Our financial goal is to raise enough funds ($30,000) to purchase instruments and hire an instructor for individual and group lessons.

We anticipate that a new music program will bring the kind of benefits to our students noted by Alexis Kalivretenos in an article titled ‘The Importance of Music Education”: support for student learning in a range of subjects, stronger verbal capacity and memory, and improved social skills. 

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