Dearborn Academy Advisory Board


The Dearborn Academy Advisory Board meets six to eight times a year with the Academy's administrative team and provides guidance and support as the Academy seeks to meet the goals in its strategic plan. 

Board members are drawn from the wider Dearborn community and always include several Schools for Children trustees. They are selected for their knowledge and experience in education, their willingness to share professional expertise with respect to the management of the school, and for their generous support of Dearborn Academy's mission.

We are always interested in hearing from individuals interested in serving on the board or on an ad hoc board committee. To learn more, please email Ted Wilson.


Theodore H. Wilson, III PhD (Executive Director, Schools for Children)


Paul Alexander Alegria
Nanci R. Brody
Sally Currier
Bob Gass
Patrick Geoghegan
Stephen G. Lukin
Peter Prodromou
Howard Rossman, PhD
Richard Weisblatt, PhD
Steve Woodworth